Laura’s Bio

Laura -2001This all started back in 2001. I was pregnant with my second son and I was getting larger by the minute. I am only 5’2″ and I was so large I had to wear overalls everywhere I went. Living in Las Vegas (the show girl capital of the world) looking like a farmer was not a cute look at all. About a month before I gave birth, I decided that after I had my son I was going to change my lifestyle for good! I walked into Barnes and Noble, purchased 2 fitness books and 2 Godiva bars. Hey, I was still pregnant and I might as well enjoy the last month. August 23rd I weighed 206 lbs and I gave birth to Christopher. Now I had given Scott (my oldest son) the sibling he wanted, it was time to focus a little on mom. Three days later, I began my workout. There was no way I was going to be a chubby mom taking my boys to school! All I had was a treadmill, some dumbbells and most important, a goal. I worked out 5 days a week and stuck to a strict nutrition plan and nine months later BAM! 123 lbs!!

Laura MarenticThis changed my life, as you would not believe. I was strong, I felt confident, I looked better than I did when I was 18! It was a new me. Within a couple of years of enjoying the “new me”, it was time to update to an even newer version. Most of the gyms in Las Vegas were versions of night club meat markets during day time hours and I needed a challenge. I signed up for a membership at Gold’s Gym. I knew I could achieve even greater fitness goals in the Gold’s Gym environment. Since I began working out at Gold’s, I became acquainted with the newer me and there was no stopping her! I loved being stronger, tougher and sexier than ever before. I loved this change. I loved it so much I ended up getting my personal training certification and working for Gold’s Gym. There was nothing more rewarding than seeing clients achieve their goals and change their lifestyles. I enjoy training  clients one-on-one, and I have set up fun group sessions so clients can get a great workout and have a great time with their friends all while doing something good for themselves. I wanted to start “Gold’s Girl And The City”, because there is nothing better than being able to look fabulous in a dress and heels and some muscles to go with. I love being strong, and I also love being a woman.

Glambition Girl #1Since I have moved to Iowa, I have became the Director of Personal Training for Gold’s Gym. I hosted my 1st Glambition Challenge on January 15th, 2011. I also started the Lost and Found Training Camp, Booty Camp and Gun’s Club shortly after.

In February of 2012, I was made an offer to partner with a local gym and run my own personal training company, Glambition Girl LLC. Since then, I have hosted numerous Glambition Challenges, 2 Week Slimdowns and have developed the Glambition Gem program for personalized, customized training for figure and bodybuilding competitions. I continue to run my boot camp classes and focus one-on-one with personal training, and have furthered the Glambition name by creating and designing the Glambition Girl clothing line. You can now find me at Key West Tanning and Fitness at the Crossroads, Waterloo location.

If I never get the chance to meet you, always remember: Do this for you, and today is the first day of all of your tomorrows. You are true motivation for yourself to change and make it happen. Once you make the change, you will never go back!