Below I wanted to offer a few specials for Black Friday. You can purchase any of these packages now thru December 1st!

G-Fit Club- 1 Year Subscription $50 (Save $100)

G-Fit Club is my online newsletter program. With this program you receive a new training program and meal plan every month, weekly emails including additional exercise instructions, articles to continue to help you stay motivated and mt famous recipes. You can even meet with me once a month and weigh, get measured and get your body fat tested. This is my most popular program and is taken advantage of all across the US!


Glambition Gem 8 Week Training Program and Meal Plan $100 (Save $50!!)


8 Week Online Training Program $100 (Save $50)

This is my newest program and has been very popular for clients that are familiar with training and like to train on their own. You do not need to be a member of Key West Fitness to take part in this program.


Entire Year of Online Training $300! (Save $300)

This program begins January 4th and ends December 31st.


Personal Training Sessions
Hiring a personal trainer can help you to break through a plateau, mix up your training routine and help to fine-tune your diet. Depending on your goals, a personal trainer can help you to get the most benefit out of your workout. Weight gain, weight loss and functional fitness are examples of fitness goals that many people strive for which can be complemented by the aid of a personal trainer. Buy as many sessions as you like. Sessions start ASAP!

5 sessions $100 (Save $15)

12 sessions $225 (Save $75)

15 sessions $275 (Save $100)

20 sessions $350 (Save $150)

30 Sessions $500 (Save $250)

Personal Analysis $35 What is a personal analysis you ask?? I do your full body measurements and calculate your body fat %. I give you a detailed summary in regards to your weight, body fat %, waist to height ratio, and a summary regarding how many calories a day, how many grams of protein, carbs and grams of fat. If you are serious about losing weight and learning your body, I suggest you get your full report!

Personal Analysis 5 for $100Same as above, only save by purchasing 5 for $100!!

Glambition 13 Challenge Package (dates will be announced) $60 (save $15)  (details here)This package enters you into the challenge, you get a FitBook and a Glambition Challenge t-shirt or tank. Don’t forget, the grand prize is a designer HANDBAG!!!