Gem Programs

Gem Programs: Training, Nutrition, and Figure CoachingIMG_1010 (1)

Training for figure and bodybuilding competitions has to be personalized. We all have different bodies with different genetic backgrounds. We come from different histories of fitness, both beginners and advanced athletes. And there’s no reason to think that you can’t overcome any of that in order to compete. Choose from one of my customized Gem Programs below to begin!!


Special- 6 Month Program- $450: Six months of training and nutrition coaching to help you achieve your ultimate physique or competition goals! Includes goal setting, training & cardio programs, nutrition program with adjustments as necessary, competition planning for athletes. Weekly check-ins required. Unlimited emails. Competition prep and peak week also available but not included with this program.

Online Coaching for Diet only:
$75 for each meal plan set up according to your weight, measurements and body fat %
For those who are comfortable with their own training, or have a local trainer, and want ongoing nutrition coaching or contest prep. Single menu set-up based on your fitness goals and lifestyle showing full breakdown of protein, carbs, and fat. This meal plan can be used for 4 weeks or longer. Full body personal analysis included. Competition prep and peak week also available (see below) but not included with this program.


Competition Prep & Peak Week – $50: I will guide you during your last week before you compete. I will give you instruction on weight training and cardio and a week meal plan.



*Contact Laura for pricing details, changes in class times, new specials and promotions…

Challenge and program details may change without notice. All program sales are final and nonrefundable. Please contact Laura for most current information.