Glambition 14 Challenge

January 11th – February 22nd

3 Categories:
Body Fat % Lost
Pounds Lost

You will be entered in at least 2 categories but if you choose to focus on one, that is fine.

All categories have a chance to win a designer handbag. If you win two categories, you win two bags!!

Rules for the Glambition 14 Challenge

1. You must weigh in every Monday (11th initial weigh in, 18th, 25th , February 1st, 8th , 15th, and the final weigh in on the 22nd ) and email me a pic of those toes on the scale before 9am!

2. Every Monday, you must post a status on FaceBook with your total pounds lost, and 3 goals (you can have the same goals for the entire 6 weeks), also post how you are doing week to week accomplishing your goals. Also, I need to be tagged in your status!

3. Twice a week (on 2 separate days) you are allowed up to 16ozs of alcohol. If you cheat and have more, you owe your trainer $5!

4. Once a week, you are allowed 1 reward meal and this meal can be anything you like including dessert! If you have more than 1 of these meals during each week, you owe this trainer $5!

5. On Valentine’s Day, you are to have a reward dinner with someone special (including dessert), if you have more than that, you owe this trainer $5.

6. You are only allowed to slip up 3 times, if you slip up the 4th time, you are disqualified and owe this trainer $25!!

7. Please remember you are competing against this trainer! If your trainer wins, all of you must chip in for a $200 gift certificate to Sephora! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!