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Personal Training Sessions
Hiring a personal trainer can help you to break through a plateau, mix up your training routine and help to fine-tune your diet. Depending on your goals, a personal trainer can help you to get the most benefit out of your workout. Weight gain, weight loss and functional fitness are examples of fitness goals that many people strive for which can be complemented by the aid of a personal trainer. These sessions are one on one or you may take your session with a friend.

Personal training session pricing is as follows:

4 Personal Training Sessions – $120


10 Personal Training Sessions – $250 (save $50)


15 Personal Training Sessions – $350 (save $100)


20 Personal Training Sessions – $450 (save $150)


Glambition Online Training Program: $75 / Month (6 month contract)

This program and has been very popular for clients that are familiar with training and like to train on their own. I email workouts for Monday through Friday and include you in my monthly challenges. You will receive 24 weeks of workouts which you can do on your own, or join other clients at Key West! The scheduling for daily workouts is as follows:

Monday – Lost & Found Training Camp – This class is the first group class I designed and is my favorite. This cardio weight circuit is nonstop and designed to shed fat. Go hard or go home!!

Tuesday – Right to “BARE” Arms! – This class is strictly an upper body focus to train and develop those “guns”.

Wednesday – Booty Camp – Even though this is my hardest group class, the name explains it all!

Thursday – Lost & Found Training Camp – Offered twice a week! Join me for a nonstop cardio weight circuit designed to shed fat.

Friday – Little in the Middle – This class is a high intensity non-stop workout full of cardio and many, many core exercises.

Class times are Monday through Friday
4:30am, 5:00am & 5:30am

You do not need to be a member of the gym to take part in this program unless you intend on meeting with the group at the times above


G-Fit Club – $100
Are you looking for a new fitness plan for 2016? Being a G-Fit Club subscriber means you get new workouts and meal plans every 8 weeks for an entire year! I also send you custom emails every Sunday which include new healthy recipes, exercise tips and fitness related articles to keep you motivated throughout the year. On top of all this, I will also meet with you twice a month to take weight and measurements so you can watch your improvement as you meet your goals!

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Challenge and program details may change without notice. All program sales are final and nonrefundable. Please contact Laura for most current information.